Monday, July 26

7:00am - 8:00am   Continental Breakfast

8:00am - 9:30am   Opening Session & Keynote Speaker

Presiding:  James W. Davis, University of New Mexico

Presentation of Colors:  Oscar Stone Metro Nashville Police Department Color Guard

Keynote Speaker Introduction:

Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Jeffrey Runge, Administrator, NHTSA

9:30am - 10:00am  Light Refreshments

10:00am - 11:30am

Session 1 - Motorcycle Fatalities - What's behind the Recent Increases?
Moderator:  Robert Thompson, Iowa DOT

Causes and Circumstances Contributing to the National Increase
Umesh Shankar, NHTSA/NCSA

A Compendeum of Motorcycle Research in Hawaii - What the Data Tells Us
Karl Kim, University of Hawaii

Motorcycle Deaths and Injuries in Iowa - An age old problem?
Scott Falb, Iowa DOT

The Motorcycle Fatality Experience in Louisiana and Florida during and After Universal Helmet Use Laws
David Preusser, Preusser Research


Session 2 - AAMVA Secure ID Program
Moderator:  David Bozak, InfoGroup

AAMVA Secure ID Program
Rich Carter, American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA)


Session 3 - Data Support for Improving Safety Belt Usage Rates
Moderator:  Robin Riessman, Massachusetts Governor's Highway Safety Bureau

Massachusetts Seat Belt Use Behavior Study: Using Non-Traditional Data to Understand Seat Belt Use
Mike Knodler, Massachusetts Governor’s Highway Safety Bureau

Applying Seat Belt Data Analysis to Community-Based Programming
Susan Herbel, Massachusetts Governor’s Highway Safety Bureau

Data Support for Primary Seat Belt Legislation: The Massachusetts Example
Heather Rothenberg, Massachusetts Governor’s Highway Safety Bureau

Session 4 - FHWA Use of Data for Safety
Moderator:  Larry Brown, FHWA Office of Safety

FHWA Use Of Data For Safety Programs
Charles (Tony) Aiken, FHWA Office of Safety

Use Of Data IN AASHTO Strategic Highway Safety Plan
David M. Smith, FHWA Office of Safety

Reauthorization: What New Data Initiatives Can We Expect
Kathleen F. Krause, FHWA Office of Safety

ITS Highway Safety Data
Larry J. Brown,
FHWA Office of Safety

11:30am - 1:00pm:  National Safety Council Lunch
Keynote Speaker:  J. Richard Capka, Deputy Administrator, FHWA

1:00pm - 2:30pm

Session 5 - ATSIP, State TRCCs and the Web
Moderator:  David Bozak, InfoGroup

An Online Reporting System for Traffic Safety Research
Dr. Jeffery Hadley, National Study Center of Trauma and EMS, School of Medicine, University of Maryland Baltimore

ATSIP Web Site - A Resource for the Traffic Safety Data Professional
Angie Schmit, Traffic Safety Analysis Systems & Services (TSASS)

State TRCC's - Observations from the State Safety Data Briefings
Richard Paddock, Traffic Safety Analysis Systems & Services (TSASS)

Session 6 - DWI Data Issues
Moderator:  Bob Zahnke, Purdue University

Recidivism Among DWI Offenders, New Mexico, 1999 - 2003
Judith S. Harmon, Office of Epidemiology, New Mexico Department of Health
Laura Ring Kapitula, PhD
Michael Landen, MD, MPH

Improving Blood Alcohol Concentration Reporting in Texas
Becky T. Davies, Texas Transportation Institute, Texas A&M University

Connecticut’s Toxicology Lab - Screening for Alcohol or Other Drugs
Paul Krisavage, Commanding Officer, State Toxicology Laboratory


Session 7 - NHTSA’s State Data System and Its Applications
Moderator:  John Kindelberger, NCSA/NHTSA

NHTSA’s State Data System (SDS)
Gary Rinehart, NCSA/NHTSA

Analysis of Safety Related Issues Using the State Data System
Joseph Tessmer,

Using State Data to Assess Vehicle Performance
Rory Austin, NHTSA

Using State Data to Assess the Influence of Child Safety Campaigns
Marc Starnes, NCSA/NHTSA


Session 8 - Bambi Unmasked – The Growing Problem of Animal-Vehicle Crashes in America
Moderator:  Robert Thompson, Iowa Department of Public Safety

Methods to Reduce Traffic Crashes Involving Deer: What Works and What Does Not
Paul Curtis, Cornell University

The Research, the Data, the 5 W’s
Keith Knapp, University of Wisconsin

Deer and Wildlife Crashes…the Wyoming Experience
Michael Gostovich, Wyoming Department of Transportation

Rural Areas in Transition – Where Corn Meets the Country Club
Robert Thompson, Iowa Department of Public Safety


2:30pm - 3:00pm:  Light Refreshments

3:30pm - 5:00pm

Session 9 - Future Data Needs
Moderator:  Richard Paddock, Traffic Safety Analysis Systems & Services, Inc. (TSASS)

Data Needs to Support the Highway Safety Manual
Mike Griffith, FHWA

Data Impacts of Re-Authorization - Status of the legislation
Pat Hu, TRB Data Committee Chair, Oak Ridge Labs

Future Safety Data Needs - The Region Perspective
JoAnn Moore, NHTSA

Open Discussion of Potential Future Issues for State Traffic Records Systems & TRCC's

Session 10 - What Data Do You Need for Planning It Safe?
Moderator:  Roger Petzold, FHWA

The DOT Perspective
Jeff Gloria

The MPO Perspective
Jeff Welch, Knoxville MPO

The Regional Perspective
Mell Henderson, MidAmerica Regional Council (MARC)
Michael Briggs, MidAmerica Regional Council (MARC)

The Rural Perspective
Michael Pawlovich, Iowa DOT

Session 11 - Safety Corridors
Moderator:  Marc Dronen

Development of Virginia's Highway Safety Corridor Program
Michael D. Fontaine, Virginia DOT
Stephen W. Read, Virginia DOT

Data Driven Cooperative Corridor Enforcement
Mark J. Campbell,  Iowa Governor's Traffic Safety Bureau
Bob Rushing, Iowa Governor's Traffic Safety Bureau

New Mexico's Safety Corridor Program
Annaliese Mayette, University of New Mexico
Sandra Martinez, Traffic Safety Bureau, NMDOT
Isabel Lopez, Traffic Safety Bureau, NMDOT

Comparative Crash Data Analysis for Corridor Studies
Demian Miller, Tindale-Oliver and Associates Inc.


Session 12 - Driver Age as an Associated Crash Factor
Moderator:  Barbara Moroski-Browne, Design Research Engineering

Evaluation of Age as a Contributing Factor in Fatal Crashes in the State of Florida
Bhuiyan M. Alam, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, FSU
Lisa K. Spainhour, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, FSU

Motor Vehicle Crashes of Teenage Drivers in New York State
Motao Zhu, NY State DOH, Bureau of Injury Prevention
Michael Bauer, NY State DOH, Bureau of Injury Prevention

Crashes and Injury Analyses of Young Drivers in State of Delaware
Laurie Lin, Office of Emergency Medical Services, DPH, DHSS

Stranded in Nowhereville – Transportation Problems of Older Drivers in Small Towns
Scott Falb, Iowa DOT


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